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Learn Japanese at the Montreal Japanese Language Center!
The Montreal Japanese Language Center (MJLC) offers the following classes to adult learners (16 yrs and older).

• MJLC Level 1 – Marugoto  Starter Japanese (please see below for details)           

• MJLC Level 2 – Marugoto  Elementary 1 Japanese (please see below for details)

• MJLC Level 3 – Marugoto Elementary 2 Japanese (please see below for details)

All classes are taught Saturday mornings (10am-12pm) at College Jean-de-Brebeuf (metro Côte-des-neiges) from September to June.

*Please note that new registrations are only possible for the fall & winter sessions. 

Want to join our courses for the first time?  See you at the Autumn session: new registrations starts from August 2024.

Please note that a placement test is required prior to registration for new incoming students interested in MJLC level 2 and 3.

You can access the placement test through our registration platform. 

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us mjlc.seijinclass@japanesecenter.com

About our approach…

Our classes focus on functional and conversational Japanese, where the goal is to help you communicate in every-day situations such as asking for directions, talking about your work and hobbies, and ordering a meal. Through the innovative Marugoto program, students are active learners through situational activities that support listening comprehension, effective conversation skills, grammar, and learning about Japanese culture. Learn more about the Marugoto series here.

In all our classes we aim to provide an immersive experience where the teacher speaks mostly in Japanese. Our teachers support all learners in their understanding of the material and encourage students to express themselves in Japanese. But in order to explain certain Japanese concepts, teachers will provide clarifications or answer students’ questions in English or French.

Studying Japanese at the MJLC also means having access to various cultural events organized by the Center. Adult learners can enjoy undokai (sports day), setsubun (beginning of spring), kodomonohi (children’s day), and other activities with the wider Japanese community in Montreal!

Our class schedule…

The MJLC Japanese classes follow a year-long curriculum (three semesters) starting in September and ending in June.

    • Registration for the first semester (Fall 2023) will open on August 1, 2023.  *Open to new incoming students
    • Registration for the second semester (Winter, 2024) will open on December 4, 2023. *Open to new incoming students. 
    • Registration for the third semester (Spring, 2024) will open on March 1, 2024. *Only available for students already registered in Fall and/or Winter semester.


More about our curriculum…

   MJLC Level 1 (Marugoto Starter A1)

This course is for those who have no experience studying Japanese. The main objective of the course is to communicate orally in simple Japanese on various subjects: introducing yourself, family, favorite dishes, hobbies, shopping, travel, etc. The student will learn Japanese writing systems (Hiragana and Katakana). The teacher will also introduce Japanese culture through photos and videos.

Coursebook  : Marugoto Starter A1 Rikai & Katsudoo

   MJLC Level 2 (Marugoto Elementary 1)*

This course is for those who have already mastered Hiragana and Katakana. The student will learn the kanjis relevant for each lesson. The main objective is to be able to communicate using Japanese in real situations such as family life, season and weather, work, the city, a picnic, health matters, a celebration, etc.

Coursebook  : Marugoto A2 Elementary 1 Rikai & Katsudoo

   MJLC Level 3 (Maruguto Elementary 2)*

This course is for those who have acquired a good foundation of spoken Japanese. The student will learn the kanji relevant for each lesson and improve their oral comprehension. The objective is to be able to exchange opinions with classmates and give advice in Japanese on various subjects such as the origin of their first name, recommended restaurants, travel tips, Japanese and foreign festivals.

Coursebook  :  Marugoto A2 Elementary 2  Rikai & Katsudoo

Every year, teachers select curriculum from the Marugoto series that reflect the needs and interests of the students. As such, the content covered is subject to vary slightly on an annual basis.